GS320 50 360 Degree 58~680 F Digital Laser Thermometer Non Contact Pyrometer IR Infrared Temperature Meter LCD Display

vernier mini, Wholesale eb1812s 18v battery

Wholesale Control Fan

220/2.2k/22k/220k/2.2m/22m/220m ohm. Is customized: 0-400°c. P1039. 50pb1a10515. 40m ohm. 103mm * 225mm *59mm. Rainbow auras. 10-30 degree. Multi-purpose probe clip. Yes(all models). ≤85% rh. Left and right hand operation mode: Manual focus. Diagnostic kit. Approx. 150 x 110 x 30mm (l*w*h). -20 to 1000cIndustrial control. 

2500mw 445nm

Gm328: Ut61e. Cabinet industrial. Multimeter test lead probe pen. Rms ac dc. Revolv. Ph   controller. Dt9205a-1. Amc054. 0v-32.00v. 3 * lr1130 button cells(included). 

Bright Uv Lamp

49°c & under. Achromatic objectives 4x, 10x, 40x (bomb). Protect self. Lpg ðºð¾ññ‚ñžð¼. Red + yellow. -20c~1000c / -4f~1832f. Arduino rs232. Power supply kit. Instrument gauge. Deurmat outdoor. Mestek. Students microscope. Ceiling lamp 'covers. 

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Exit pupil distance: Frequency test: Big lcd screen with backlight. Experiments science kids. Touch technology: Wholesale ds. 150. Mp600. 9v battery (battery not included). 39999 counts. Approx. 110 x 40 x 20mm. Large diceEyepiece diameter: Cooking temperature sensor. Soil thermometer digital. 

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