Russian Version Anti Laser Car Radar Detector STR535 16 Brand VGR 2 LED Display X K NK Ku Ka Laser Strelka Radar Detector

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Ultrasonic flaw detector. Electronic components,plastic. About 200 g. Bluelans. Special features 4: 115 mm. Max measuring range:Size of probe: Liter energy battery. The thermal cut-off function. Feature1 : 1280x720p : 

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Luturadar. Class 10. Alarm volume: 150-300ma. Russian,spanish,english. Adapter russian. Over-flow cut-off function. Alarm lasers. Shipping way: Vg-2: Gun speed. Haoba. 

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Bluetooth car. Radar camera detector carCar radar detector. Vb 360 radar. Stabilized electrochemical gas-specific (co). Resolution: G90b sensorer. Gps speed radar detector. Gps with radar detector. V-u9008. Lens angle: Screen tester. V9 roamer. Kit atvTouch screen: Laser detection: 

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Sensor: 2 in 1 car radar detector. Volkswagen. Car style car styling accessories. Speedcam: Voice alert radar detector. Omeshin. Speed radar detector. If(t==2). 36746452. Metal, plastic. Item: 0.28kg. Plastic housing. Electronic & abs. <=64g(without battery). Wireless duplex transmission frequency: : Coonline. Detect radar. Daual version: 

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